Wednesday, September 7, 2011

plum in madeira mazarin

A favored chocolate around this house is one that goes by the name of Plum in Madeira. Apart from a little bit of plum soaked in Madeira wine, it mostly consists of a thick layer of marzipan covered in dark chocolate.

Seeing I've been cooking up heaps of cherry plum marmalade of late, I figured I might try to reconceptualize the Plum in Madeira chocolate as a cake. A muffin- of cup cake-sized cake.

And above you see the result, which I'm very happy with! It's a small slightly hollowed out mazarin cake with a dollop of plum marmalade and a tiny drop of Limoncello (my substitute for Madeira the only dessert liquor I had around the house...). On top is a thick layer of marzipan with a really dark chocolate cover. I think a triple-punctuation is in order here...

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Anne said...

OH MY GOD! Den ser jo alt for lækker ud. Lige en kage jeg må smage. MÅ SMAGE. Jeg siger bare: på lørdag. SKAL SMAGE :o)