Tuesday, September 6, 2011

stuck inside

I was struck down by a cold on Saturday, and didn't wind up doing much on the weekend but hang out inside. Good thing is I finally got around to taking some pictures of the apartment post the redecorating we did some four months back.
See that super gorgeous poster in the picture above? It's by Johan's friend Bue, who's a true whiz when it comes to making posters and sculptures and anything else creative.
How do you dig my new dinosaur? Johan bought it for me for $3.99 at the Museum of Natural History, and I find it to be just about the greatest little souvenir ever. It's all squishy and good for fighting rheumatism.
These are some apples we picked on Friday. They're sour but pretty. The vase used to be my granny Toga's. I find it kind of amusing that the little harlequin-figure is so unimpressed with everything I place before her. She's always like "yeah whatever...I'm just gonna go on and play my flute".

Maybe I should've gone a little easy on the exposure. It's just that light it so purrrty. And makes everything look cleaner.
 Take my word for it.


Josephine said...

I har den fineste lejlighed :)

Sarah Carlson said...

Hvor er du sød! Tak :O)