Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tunes from Annie get your gun and outdated celebrity gossip

All day yesterday I was whistling this fragment of "Anything You Can Do" (presumably because it's the only part I know), while doing this little dance from an old Gap ad.

Just so we're clear, it was all in my head.

On a side note, I'd like you to know that I think Patrick Wilson is just wonderful, especially when clad in Mormon undergarments, but that I feel so-so about Claire Danes. After that whole Billy Crudup affair*, I've said to myself that if Claire Danes ever tries to become friends with me, I'll just be like, "no girlfriend. 'Cos before I know it, I bet you'll be after my man."

*I am here referring to the incident some 7 or 8 eight years ago when a seven months pregnant Marie-Louise Parker was left by the father of her baby, Billy Crudup, because the sucker preferred to play kissing games with Claire Danes. What morons. I mean, who does that? I'm sure Marie-Louise Parker has got over it, but I for sure haven't.

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