Sunday, September 11, 2011

up north

Yesterday, Maj and I went up north for a visit to Johan's parents' house, which wasn't half bad. As you can tell, they live right by the sea, and it was great to feel a little grass under my feet and some cool ocean air in my little city lungs. There's a bounty of blackberries up there, and they're just in season, so we picked a good load of those. Or rather, Johan's dad did while I took dibs on the task of taking them off his hands once he reemerged from the prickly thicket.

We also tried collecting some sea buckthorn, the orange berries you see in the second photo from the top. They're all the rage among dilettante fancy chefs in Denmark after some of the city's fanciest restaurants started integrating them into their super sophisticated versions of local fare.

"There are so many of them!" we marveled at first, but then it turned out they were a true bitch to collect. The bushes are covered in nasty thorns, you see.

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