Wednesday, October 5, 2011


For some bizarre reason, I never heard about Murray's Cheese in NY until quite recently, and even when I first heard about it, I kind of just dismissed it as just another cheese shop. In fact, it wasn't until I read this article in the New York times that I realized they have a proper cheese cave below their West Village shop. Where the cheeses get to ripen and mature.

I don't know why, but this excites me tremendously! If I ever open my own cheese shop, I'll be getting myself an underground cave too.

By the by, photos are by Tony Cenicola and Trevor Tondro for The New York Times.


Johanna said...

WAT. I have to live in this cheese cave. Though, it might be similar to this hotel I stayed in recently in Z├╝rich that was connected to a fondue restaurant - the entire hotel (rooms and all) smelled like melty cheese at all times. I loved it for about an hour. Then I kind of wanted to scream. THOUGH! This also reminded me of a little cellar part of an Italian restaurant on Bond Street that the servers told me was frequented by Poe averylongtimeago, and was the inspiration for The Cask of Amontillado. Ooooooo.

Sarah Carlson said...

I know! Cheese caves rock! Secret cellars with a literary pedigree rock even more!

This, in turn, reminds me that I was once told that there are (or used to be at least) these wine cellars dispersed here and there around the city. Perhaps in some of the closed off subway tunnels or something.

Anyway, bet there must be just tons and tons of these amazing secret places in NY. The mere thought gives me goose bumps!