Monday, October 17, 2011

gifts from Sweden and France

It seems I've entered yet another erratic blogging phase, which I believe is mainly due to the fact that I'm not all that excited about taking photos these days. I just spent the past couple of days in Stockholm on the occasion of my mom's 60th birthday, and while there was plenty of pleasant things for me to shoot, I didn't take one single photograph. Go figure.

But here's some beautiful things I took pictures of yesterday, which I'd like to show you.

A pair of gorgeous woolen mittens that my grandmother got me, right out of the blue, for no reason at all - ain't she sweet:O) To top it all off, I've secretly been coveting these for ages. Lovikka mittens they're called.
A beautiful, glazed ceramic bowl from France that Johan's mother got us from her top-secret internet portal to an antique kitchenware dealer. It's so heavy that only a busty country girl from Normandy can carry it with ease, whereas I break a sweat from just looking at it, albeit partly because it's so gorgeous.    
And if that weren't beyond more than enough, we also got this matching dish, which we've already put to good use. I'm telling you, my oven roasted vegetables looked so good on it, they almost made me blush.

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