Sunday, October 23, 2011

Indignati Americani

Matteo sent me a link to his first credited documentary!

Having gone uncredited for a whole lot of work that I've done, by jolly do I understand that finally getting credited for something you've, made must be so satisfying! Not least because it's such a great piece of work that he's carried out, drawing a really charming and optimistic portrait of the people affected by or involved in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

Only bummer is that it's in eye-talian, and while it sounds as gorgeous and yummy as the name of a delicious Italian dish said over and over again, I have to admit I don't understand much....In the light of which, it's a good thing that Matteo shoots such pretty footage, edits it so perfectly and pairs it with such heartwarming sound tracks. So do watch a bit of it even if you don't speak Italian, if nothing else for the communal marriage proposal towards the very end. Ooo!

Whenever I see or hear about some of Matteo's work, I really do envy him of all the great stuff he gets to witness while on duty. I mean, wherever history happens, he goes! How awesome is that? Except for the time he went to report on the swine flu in Mexico, of course.

By the way, should you be needing any of Matteo's production, shooting and editing services, I'll totally hook you up. You may remember that he's also done this little video Marni - Fashion Night Out and this gorgeous behind-the-scenes photo shoot video. In other words, creatively and content wise, he's a versatile fella.

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