Thursday, October 27, 2011

"what kind of weird burger is that?!"

I can't remember whom, but someone said that when I showed them the photo above. Which was kind of funny, because it isn't a burger at all but rather a fancy, $14* artichaut gratinĂ© that I had this summer at Orsay in New York. It wasn't exceptionally filling I have to admit, but tasty it was, and for that reason I've held on to the photo with the intention of reminding myself to someday cook it myself. 

....Which, seeing that it's artichoke season, may very well be this weekend. I'll report back if the result is successful. If I fail, I'll keep it my dirty secret.

*When I saw it on the menu, I remember thinking that 14 bucks was a bit steep for a lunchtime appetizer. And now, sitting in Copenhagen, where dining out is so much more costly, I'm thinking: "Pennies! Just pennies!" As my friend reminded me over dinner: "The sad thing about Copenhagen is that everything is 25 % more expensive". That cracked me up. She sounded kind of like my dad, ha! 

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