Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mike the Headless Chicken

Some ten years ago, I saw a TV program about poultry that told the story of an American chicken that had rather miraculously survived its own decapitation. For several years it had been feeling fine and dandy, being fed somehow directly through its esophagus.
I've retold that story many a time since, and every single time, it's been met with a scowl or a laugh, eventually leaving me to wonder, if it was all something that I dreamed. But lo and behold, I was just flipping through New York Magazine, and what did I see but a picture of a new Maurizio Cattelan sculpture composed of a taxidermied beheaded chicken, referencing the TRUE story of no-one less than Miracle Mike!

So, all I'm saying is it's true after all. There was indeed a real life chicken who, back in 1945, had his head chopped off and survived for another 18 months, touring the U.S. of A, making a ton of money in the process. Apparently he eventually died in a Phoenix motel because his owner had forgot his cleaning and feeding syringes at the carnival sideshow they had visited the day before. 

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