Monday, November 7, 2011

scones and ravioli. and store-bought bread.

I baked scones and made homemade ravioli on the weekend. The scones turned out nice and buttery, perhaps thanks to the additional half stick of butter that I added to the recipe (when fearing a mediocre result, add more butter - that's my advice). The raviolis on the other hand, turned out so-so. The ricotta-arugula filling was delish, but the doughy part was, well, much too doughy. 

The good thing about having tried once to make from scratch some of those traditionally store-bought foods is that you figure out which things you should definitely just buy and not waste your time fantasizing about making yourself, and which ones you might as well give another go. Personally, I had totally romanticized cooking my own ravioli, in fact I had kind of imagined stocking up the freezer with all kinds of different homemade pastas with genuinely exciting fillings.

But you know what, it just wasn't worth it. I think I just have to accept that I prefer my ravioli brought home from the store, just like I prefer my bread.


Maj Beldring Henningsen said...

Am I spotting lemon curd?

Sarah Carlson said...

Yes, you spot lemon curd! :O)