Monday, December 5, 2011

From All Of Us To All Of You

I went on a mini trip yesterday with Johan and his mother to visit his nan, who lives a couple of hours' drive from Copenhagen. As I had already guessed from hearing Johan's stories about her, she's the cutest little lady, living in the most neat of houses. In fact, I wanted to take pictures of everything, especially her meticulously kept plants and her beautiful desk with a huge magnifying lamp of sorts. Then again that might have come across a bit rude considering it was my very first visit;O) Anyway, Johan's nan used to live in a big old farmhouse, which Johan's uncle took over some ten years ago. So after lunch, we got to go up into his woods and cut down or own Christmas tree. How's that for idyllic? I just decorated it this evening, and I think it's just the cutest little tree ever, perfectly imperfect and adorned with last year's Christmas ornaments - including King Kong balancing at the very top.


Phie Buechek said...

Hahahah it is such a cute christmas tree! I really like the star on top AND of course Chip & Chap.. :)

Sarah Carlson said...

Why thank you! And the clever thing (if I may say so myself) is that my Christmas ornaments don't take up any space at all. It all fits into a single envelope:O)

PROVINS said...