Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We're going to Tokyo for Easter! Johan will stand out for being tall, me for being a redhead with a funny voice! Perhaps we'll eat toxic fish and live squid! We'll get into Japanese bondage! It will be so much fun!

Can you believe it?! We bought tickets while we were in NY (which felt very decadent somehow - you know, buying tickets while already on vacation), but we simply had to, because they were real cheap, for a direct flight and everything. I'm insanely excited and am planning on making a detailed day-to-day travel plan just because. So, dear readers, if you have some tips to share, it will be greatly appreciated by yours truly:O)


Johanna said...

This makes me want to explode. !!!

PROVINS said...

Hvor meget er billige billetter?? -- Er nygerrig for hvad man skal lede efter :-)

Sarah Carlson said...

@ Johanna: I know right! I wonder if I'll return home just as hooked on Japan as you!

@Provins: Billig var måske en overdrivelse, men stadig under 5000,- tur/retur med SAS. Og så lige i Påsken hvor kirsebærtræerne gerne skulle stå i fuldt flor...jeg tror det er en god deal;O)