Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yoda and the C-span junkie

Johan is so into watching the primaries on C-Span, I'm beginning to fear I won't be able to lure him back to Copenhagen with me.
By the way, just to confirm (or mock?) gender stereotypes, we tend to joke around our house that Johan is the one who gets politics, while I'm the one who gets anything pop cultural. Also, because Johan is so tall, and I'm so short, we joke that whenever he tries to explain politics to me, I look like a confused (but friendly) Yoda, looking up at him from below.
Of course, whenever we discuss something cultural, my demeanor is completely different simply because I'm on home turf. For example I'll become greatly agitated when I set out to explain some joke about, say Bruce Willis being the dad of Ashton Kutcher, which Johan doesn't get because he knows nothing about celebrities.

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