Thursday, March 22, 2012

make of it what you will

Some of you readers may recall a certain day back in July 2009, when I posted a picture of a kid in a 1970s ad, which my boss had e-mailed me along with the message: "Your sister?". Every now and then I show that picture to others, kind of hoping they'll say, nah, that doesn't look like you at all. They never do though. Instead they just go kind of quiet and I wind up thinking to myself: Shuck, she really does look like me.

So imagine my surprise, when I came across this post yesterday and it dawned on me (well, admittedly it didn't dawn on me until several hours later, but that's a different story...) that that girl, whom I kind of look like, isn't a girl at all, but the child actor Mason Reese, who stared in numerous 1970s ads.

There are a couple of interesting things about this "finding", and I thought I'd share two.

1) I now know what 'll look like when I grow up: A friendly dumpling. And I can only hope that I will grow to be an equally successful, downtown restaurateur as he.

2) It turns out that Masson Reese the child and Sarah the adult, have more or less the same voice.


Matteo said...

and the laugh at the very end.. let's talk about that!

Sarah Carlson said...

I know, it's frightening! I wonder if our DNA is kind of similar...