Thursday, March 1, 2012

A week ago today...

...I had lunch at this spot in Stockholm. Prinsen, it's called and I can't recommend it enough. It was my third time there and every time that I've gone I sit and marvel at its gorgeous interior. I mean, check out this dining booth. I kind of wish I had a dining booth like that at home.
Anyway, I had Bouillabaise, which was far too perfect not to photograph.

My mom had a Swedish classic, biff Wallenbergare. I think the colors are just perfect.
Johan had the fish version of the same dish.

I can't remember what my mother's husband had as his blood sugar levels dropped so low he had to throw himself at his dish as soon as it was served. Apparently my mother has taken to excuse him by mouthing "He has diabetes" to the waitresses whenever she finds that he's rushing them too much for not bringing him his food fast enough. 

He doesn't though. Have diabetes, I mean.
And here's Johan and I, looking pale and wintery. Johan recently had a very short haircut, so these days I refer to hims as Private Mau.

Mau being his last name.


PROVINS said...

Nå det er sådan du ser ud :-)

Sarah Carlson said...

Nej, nej, nej! Jeg er meeeeget pænere i virkeligheden;O)