Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tokyo Travelogue #16: Tokyo City View (and observation deck) at the Mori Tower

It was cloudy the day we went. Can only imagine how far you'd be able to see on a clear day.


Sierra said...

You guys are so lucky! Both of you reached the highest open air observation rooftop in Japan. You really took the chance by taking pictures of the iconic towers in Tokyo, something you can’t do from Mori Tower itself. Hehe.

Sierra Nordgren

Cody Charlebois said...

It’s really a wonderful feeling being on top of a building, right? It’s almost as if you’re on top of the world! You’ll have the chance to view your surroundings from an entirely different perspective and somewhat get a grasp of how big the world is. And in your case, you were able to see almost the whole city of Tokyo! That’s fantastic!

Cody Charlebois