Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nature! Overload! With stick insects and sheep!

On Monday, Johan and I invited ourselves to the countryside, namely for a visit at Johan's mom's beau, who lives an hour outside Copenhagen in an idyllic little place called Peters Værft. He's a landscape architect and knows everything there is to know about plants and trees, not to mention how to make little picturesque nooks in a garden.

I mean, this was the lunch table that awaited us upon our arrival. Right below a lush apple tree. After lunch we went for a walk in the countryside. Johan found a stick insect and I was kind of baffled how much it actually blended in with its surroundings. I mean, I've seen these things before, but the camouflage of this one was just uncanny.

It's always good to rest your hands on your waist, when you're dealing with nature.
Johan found an old tractor and got all nostalgic for when he was a kid and got to ride his grandfather's tractor. He looks kind of sad in this picture, but really he was just busy trying to jumpstart the thing.
Spinning bait. Everyone should have more spinning bait, I think. If nothing else, then for decoration.
That's Johan's mum's beau. Checking out people  sailing on the lake.
Of all the photo's Johan took of me, this was the on he liked the best. Incidentally, it was also the only one in which my face wasn't showing. Or else it's my awkward, knock-kneed indie pose. 
I love sheep. Specifically, I love the way they chew. It's like their lower jaw goes in circles. Plus, they look so nonchalant, it kills me.
"So, you kids are visiting from the city, huh"
Long pause.
"Alright. Well, enjoy the weather."

 Johan's mom looking all serene. Johan looking kind of agitated.  
A fine day it was!

Monday, May 28, 2012

on the mt bandwagon

To be honest, I've had trouble getting the fascination with decorative masking tape, but on the other hand it felt ridiculous to to go all the way to Japan and not buy a few rolls of mt. And so I did, along with a bunch of other slightly silly wrapping products. And there you go. All of a sudden I found myself packing cookies in cellophane bags and sealing them with polka-dotted tape.

Are you gagging? I am a little, but then again it looked so cute I couldn't help myself.

The cookies are peanut butter and practically flour-less, in case you're wondering. Recipe from Saveur magazine.

field ration

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Copenhagen at its best

I don't see how anyone could visit our city right now and not fall utterly in love.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

the light this morning

more Tokyo

It seems I'm becoming that uncle who invites you over to force-feed you with a 7 hour slide show of his last trip abroad. But hey, becoming that eccentric uncle whenever you please is one of the perks of having a blog, don't you agree? ;O)

Saturday, May 19, 2012


trivia. with notes.

This tomato cost Johan the equivalent of $3, but the mere beauty of it was well worth the money. It reminded me of an incident some couple of years ago when I asked Marie to bring some tomatoes on her way to my house. She stopped by The Commodities Natural Market on 1st Ave, and nearly lost it when the clerk who rang up her four tomatoes and pack of gum asked for $9. "You have got to be kidding me", she told me she'd said. "2 bucks for a tomato?" I guess if you grow up in France you're likely to be spoilt with inexpensive produce;O)

It's been years since I first read The Virgin Suicides, and while I dug into Euginides' "The Marriage Plot" this winter, Johan dug out my copy of the former from the bookshelf so that we wound up taking the same author to bed at night. Unfortunately he forgot the book on a plane en route from Brussels to Copenhagen, and had to order a new copy on Amazon in order to finish the last chapter. Turned out to be a fortunate thing, cos it's a beautiful paperback and now I'm rereading it and loving it just as much as the first time. The length and rhythm of the sentences are just the most thrilling ever.  
I cooked baby back ribs the other night, thinking Johan would be so thrilled to come home from his game of tennis and see pounds of BBQ'ed meat on the table. He wound up having burgers with friends instead, and so I had to eat ribs on my own and I tell you, there's nothing sadder than eating meat off a bone when you alone. Anyway, we made tortilla wraps with the leftovers for lunch, and they were delish.   

Wasa with Manchego. It looked so peculiar with those red fingernails, I made Johan document it with a photo.

I replanted my store-bought basil. I also got myself some tomato plants that are growing like crazy, but there are no signs of tomatoes yet.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

granny's dining table

After my sweet granny passed away, most of her furniture moved in with me and my sis respectively. Among other things, I was lucky to get to take care of her teak dining chairs, which my gran got back in the 1950s. They're by Børge Mogensen and simply the most beautiful piece of cabinetry ever. I love them to pieces:O)

The other day Johan and I received the dining table that goes with them, which has been in someone else's possession for a while. Long before that, I think my granny gave it to my sister, as she had by then got herself a more modern dining table. I kind of like it when furniture doesn't belong to anyone particular, but just moves around depending on who needs it.

Truth be told, we didn't need a new dining table, but when it became available, it was simply too good to pass up. And now it's standing here looking just gorgeous, turning our dining space into something reminiscent of a Danish Modern showroom;O)

Seriously, check out those tapered legs and tell me they're not gorgeous. I for one am a sucker for the two-toned legs of the dining table.