Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nature! Overload! With stick insects and sheep!

On Monday, Johan and I invited ourselves to the countryside, namely for a visit at Johan's mom's beau, who lives an hour outside Copenhagen in an idyllic little place called Peters Værft. He's a landscape architect and knows everything there is to know about plants and trees, not to mention how to make little picturesque nooks in a garden.

I mean, this was the lunch table that awaited us upon our arrival. Right below a lush apple tree. After lunch we went for a walk in the countryside. Johan found a stick insect and I was kind of baffled how much it actually blended in with its surroundings. I mean, I've seen these things before, but the camouflage of this one was just uncanny.

It's always good to rest your hands on your waist, when you're dealing with nature.
Johan found an old tractor and got all nostalgic for when he was a kid and got to ride his grandfather's tractor. He looks kind of sad in this picture, but really he was just busy trying to jumpstart the thing.
Spinning bait. Everyone should have more spinning bait, I think. If nothing else, then for decoration.
That's Johan's mum's beau. Checking out people  sailing on the lake.
Of all the photo's Johan took of me, this was the on he liked the best. Incidentally, it was also the only one in which my face wasn't showing. Or else it's my awkward, knock-kneed indie pose. 
I love sheep. Specifically, I love the way they chew. It's like their lower jaw goes in circles. Plus, they look so nonchalant, it kills me.
"So, you kids are visiting from the city, huh"
Long pause.
"Alright. Well, enjoy the weather."

 Johan's mom looking all serene. Johan looking kind of agitated.  
A fine day it was!

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