Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tokyo Travelogue #19: Your very own dirty maid

So, you thought I was done posting about Japan? Think again, because we're only half way through my 700+  photos;O) No seriously, we experienced so much weird and amazing stuff, which I feel the need to document before I forget. Our trip to a so-called maid café, being one good example - a café where teenage and early 20s girls dress up as maids and serve grown business men coffee and cake in "homely" surroundings.
We were informed of this phenomenon by a friend of a friend who claimed that usually, the maid will address you as "big brother" and perform as your "younger sister maid" (???!), who's either angry, throwing tantrums or simply cute and waiting on you hands and knees - entirely depending on the mood you're in. As for us, we didn't get to play the part of our maid's older sibling but rather her "master" and "princess"...or "mistress" - it was kind of difficult to decipher what she was saying. In any event, she was very kind, and served us iced coffee and a plate with cake and a cocolate anime decoration, which, by the by, she used "magic" to turn even more delicious than it was to begin with.
So bizarre, but judging from the cookie isle at a nearby store, this maid thing is kind of a big deal.

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