Saturday, May 19, 2012

trivia. with notes.

This tomato cost Johan the equivalent of $3, but the mere beauty of it was well worth the money. It reminded me of an incident some couple of years ago when I asked Marie to bring some tomatoes on her way to my house. She stopped by The Commodities Natural Market on 1st Ave, and nearly lost it when the clerk who rang up her four tomatoes and pack of gum asked for $9. "You have got to be kidding me", she told me she'd said. "2 bucks for a tomato?" I guess if you grow up in France you're likely to be spoilt with inexpensive produce;O)

It's been years since I first read The Virgin Suicides, and while I dug into Euginides' "The Marriage Plot" this winter, Johan dug out my copy of the former from the bookshelf so that we wound up taking the same author to bed at night. Unfortunately he forgot the book on a plane en route from Brussels to Copenhagen, and had to order a new copy on Amazon in order to finish the last chapter. Turned out to be a fortunate thing, cos it's a beautiful paperback and now I'm rereading it and loving it just as much as the first time. The length and rhythm of the sentences are just the most thrilling ever.  
I cooked baby back ribs the other night, thinking Johan would be so thrilled to come home from his game of tennis and see pounds of BBQ'ed meat on the table. He wound up having burgers with friends instead, and so I had to eat ribs on my own and I tell you, there's nothing sadder than eating meat off a bone when you alone. Anyway, we made tortilla wraps with the leftovers for lunch, and they were delish.   

Wasa with Manchego. It looked so peculiar with those red fingernails, I made Johan document it with a photo.

I replanted my store-bought basil. I also got myself some tomato plants that are growing like crazy, but there are no signs of tomatoes yet.

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