Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I feel bad about Nora Ephron

I really felt like I took a blow to my stomach this morning, when I read that Nora Ephron has passed away. I can't tell you how may nights I've spent in the company of this woman, watching her romantic comedies over and over again, except of course, it wasn't until sometime in my 20s that I realized she was the mastermind behind all of them.

It was her quirky and clever dialogue that taught me to speak English and it was she who provided me with a steady feed of scenes and images from New York that probably made me dream of that city in the first place.

Mrs. Ephron, wherever you are, I hope they serve pie.


lesfleursdumal said...
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lesfleursdumal said...

Det her får mig heldigvis til at grine lidt igen:


Sarah Carlson said...

Nårh, den er sød. Og på en måde har jeg det bedre nu, hvor jeg ved at vi I norden på vores egen lille måde har spillet en lille rolle i Ephron's kreative output. Bemærkede at hun har stavet sig igennem ordet "Strängnäs", som er navnet på min mors fødeby og tilholdsted for godt 50 % af min familie. Tænk, det har hun siddet og skrevet på sin computer et sted på Manhattan:O)