Sunday, July 1, 2012

the biannual floor wash

We wash our floors so rarely it borders on repulsive, but when you live with someone who insists upon removing every single piece of furniture before you get down to scrubbing, it kind of makes you think twice before suggesting: "Hey, whaddayasay we spend our Saturday giving these floors a proper washing?!"

Anyway, that's just what I did suggest and I guess the good part is we won't have to do it again until sometime this winter. Plus, Johan really has a gift for stacking. I've gotta give him that;O)


Mette Kærlig Hilsen said...

jeres lejlighed ser så smuk ud

Sarah Carlson said...

Hvor er du sød! Jeg skal også nogle gange nive mig selv lidt....du ved, for lige at sikre at det er her, jeg faktisk bor:O)