Saturday, July 28, 2012


I just got back from a semi-adventurous New England road trip, and while I do have lots of pictures and anecdotes to share, I first have to get something major off my chest:


I feel tempted to add multiple exclamation marks after the sentence above, because "giddy with excitement" doesn't quite convey the state that I was in after it occurred to me that the woman in black, whom I felt mysteriously compelled to gawk at even though I know it's rude, was in fact her. If you're curious (which I would be if it was you who had spotted her), I can tell you that she looked kind of like she does in this picture, except she had more eyeliner on. She was taller than I had imagined, but was every bit as cool and awkward-looking as she is in Girls (albeit fancier dressed). Of course I felt like throwing myself around her neck because she, like so many other female humorists and comedians, makes me - and everyone else I bet - feel that she could be my best friend in the whole wide world: Awesomely cool but totally relatable and un-intimidating.

Lena, in the unlikely but not entirely impossible event that you follow my blog, I thank you for walking down Avenue A at that exact moment. It was one of my best celebrity sightings ever.   


lesfleursdumal said...

Du møder Lena Dunham i East Village. For nyligt så min ven Woody Allen på 5th. Og selv må jeg nøjes med at støde på Safri Duo i Pisserenden. Tak verden.


Sarah Carlson said...

Åh du er skæg! Til gengæld er jeg sikker på, at du mestrede at simulere blaseret uinteresse, da du så dem. Det lykkedes ikke mig forleden;O)