Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kennebunkport. Home of The Clam Shack and George W. Bush

I'll spare you pictures of our $65 motel room off the I-95 outside Providence and jump right to our Kennebunkport B&B, as well as the lobster roll we had for dinner, which is supposedly nothing less than Maine's best. (According to whom, you wonder? Well according to the topnotch culinary guide The Travel Channel, that's who. Apparently it won something called The Food Wars. And if a food has won a war, you know it must be good - that's what I've always said.)

Anyway, while I don't quite get what lobster rolls are all about, it was quite fun to sit there on a seaside parking lot and eat one full pound of lobster in a hot dog bun along with a whole bunch of French-Canadians, who had come down to Maine for the same thing. (Wait, is there something wrong with that sentence? I had a side of fries. I didn't eat the Canadians. Just so we're clear.)

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