Saturday, July 28, 2012

So, about the road trip

At the risk of offending my many, many readers from the land of the rising sun, we've been joking that we've been quite the Japanese tourists on our road trip along the New England coast. Even though we were only gone from Tuesday morning to Friday night, we managed to visit nothing less than 9 cities, towns and villages. Nine.

That's 3 states. Three.

That's bang for your buck right there;OP

I am taking the liberty to inform you of our itinerary so that I myself can be reminded of it if one day, a couple of years down the road, I may have forgot where I went that summer of 2012.

Ok, so here's where we went:

New York, NY - Newport, RI - Providence, RI - Marblehead, MA - Kennebunkport, ME (which turned out the be where the Bush'es reside in summer) - Plymouth Rock, MA - Cape Cod, MA (incl. Yarmouthport, Provincetown and Hyannisport, where we tried and failed to locate the Kennedy compound) - Hammonasset Beach State Park, CT - New York, NY- Phew, busy but good!

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