Thursday, August 16, 2012

There was a time when I too would have dismissed a salade niçoise served on a pizza crust as "tacky"

I've become so self-conscious about taking pictures of food in restaurants that I hardly do it anymore, so when Johan and I went to a close-to-empty Pulino's for an early lunch a couple of hours before getting to the airport, I didn't miss out on the opportunity to grab my camera and stick it lens down into my plate!

Anyway, about Pulino's. For some bizarre reason I've had such an aversion to that place ever since it openend. One day there was nothing on the corner of Houston and Bowery. The day after, there was a fully functioning restaurant with so much patina, you'd think it had been there for a century. But then one evening this summer, we caved in and went. And then we went again. And again, because seriously, this is by far one of the best Italian-American restaurants I've ever been to. Their pizza crust is to die for. Like, throwing-your-head-back-in-laughter-and-saying-"death-you-don't-scare-me" to die for, and if nothing else, you should go for a slice or ten of that. And while you're at it, try their clam ceviche. And their carpaccio. And all the other things on the menu. And then finish it off with an affogato.

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