Tuesday, October 23, 2012

young David

I've been painting this past week, and for the first time in ages, I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Which is interesting considering that I've engaged myself in figurative painting, which I don't think I've done since I was in my mid teens.

It's David Hockney - or rather, based on a photo of David Hockney - and it's been so nice to just more or less copy it as best I could, and not overthink it any direction whatsoever. (Except for his face. Painting that hasn't been so pleasurable, and I'm kind of tempted to leave it a blank slate.)


PROVINS said...

Hov - har slet ikke fået commentet at det ser rigtigt godt ud! De der collager du havde gang i var også fine - men det her er næsten finere :-) Keep it op - !

PROVINS said...

op op op ---- up

Sarah Carlson said...

Hvor er du sød :O)