Saturday, April 13, 2013

In other news, I went to China

What up bitches! And by bitches I mean every single one of you 3 awesomely nice girls that let me know I was missed on the interweb, the men and women in my family who've been such devout readers all along and not least Johan, who, for the past couple of months, has persistently encouraged me to get back on that horse called blogging.

I don't really know what to say except that when I posted that little memo about by grandmother and her vitamins in January, I had no plans whatsoever to stay radio silent for more than 3 months. What I do know, however, is that at some point during the past quarter, a major shift happened, and suddenly it felt like a bigger deal to actually post something on here than to not post something, if that makes sense? (I'm struggling to come up with a relatable parable, but then again, who cares. All that matters, as Bryan Adams so eloquently put it, is that here I am, next to you, and suddenly the world is all brand new.)

And to be honest, nothing much happened lately. Except that I went to China over Easter, which was such a massive sensory overload, that I'm (almost) going to keep my trap shut and (mostly) leave it to the pictorial evidence below.

First off. A quirky little Beijing neighborhood that I like to call The Forbidden City:

And markets where they sold piglet cookies and scorpios on skewers.
There was big (oblique) government on Tiananmen Square, which got Johan really excited. 
And a bulletproof car fleet to go with it.
There were monumental art museums, which I never visited, because the mere look of them gave me instant museum fatigue.
There were magazine kiosks that pretty much look the same as they do in the rest of the world.
There were floral arrangements that looked straight out of a 1970's postcard.
There were intimate and narrow hutongs, where they served PBRs (really!), rode fixies  and cooked chicken feet.
There were things to cross off our bucket list.

And then there was beautiful, crazy Shanghai. Which is, of course, a story in itself. And by that I mean to indicate that I'll be back here soon :O) 


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whoaa, jeg ser foerst det her nu! you're back - dejligt!