Tuesday, June 11, 2013

authentic department store grub

You know those people who travel off to faraway countries, sleep in worn out hostels and dine on street food they found in some alleyway off-off the beaten track? Yeah? Well, I'm not those people. When I'm at home on my couch, browsin' through blogs and seeing other people's pictures of steamy and sizzling food cooked in the gutter, I sometimes think I'm those people. But really I'm not, and in Beijing, I definitely wasn't.

BUT, just as I thought I would have to return to Copenhagen, shamefaced for not getting the lowdown on some authentic lo-mein, Johan and I discovered a wonderful local hangout called FOOD REPUBLIC. A canteen of sorts, hidden away deep down on the lower level of a department store called Oriental Plaza, where they served classic dishes from every single province of China and beyond. Sichuan, Cantonese, Mongolian, you name it. Even Korean. And they made you fresh dumplings as you looked on, too.

If you're fussy like me, I absolutely recommend it. And the clientele was 97% Chinese, which kind of made it feel like a cool and local scene.


sarahinsouthkorea said...

Your first dish is that of Bibimbap - which is a famous Korean dish. Loooks yummy!

Sarah Carlson said...

It was yummy! :O)