Sunday, June 2, 2013

Do they eat bread rolls shaped like a panda?

Apart from bright, colorful subject matter, there's really no purpose or story to this post, although it may answer some of the speculations about Beijing you may or may not have mulled over for a long time. Such as, do Beijingers go shopping on weekends? Yes, some do.
Has the infatuation with macarons reached China? Yes, I would say so.
Do they have police cars that look like toys? Yes.


Anne said...

Jeg er helt sikkert i målgruppen her. Det giver fuldstændig mening. Tak for herlig post! :-)

Sarah Carlson said...

Måske du og Alma og jeg skal prøve at bage sådan nogle teboller en dag....siger jeg, som vist aldrig nogen sinde har bagt en tebolle, hehe!