Saturday, June 22, 2013

six interesting things I saw in China

1) A basketball court in The Forbidden City.
Apparently there used to be a Starbucks too, but it shut down after some people suggested it might be a little inappropriate to have an American coffee franchise inside one of China's main historical sites. Point taken.
2) A repurposed phone booth in Shanghai, which I thought was really clever. I mean, who doesn't need a private hot spot every now and then.
3) On the weekend, loads of people assemble on People's Square in Shanghai to matchmake on behalf of their children - the Shanghai Marriage Market it's called. Most of them set up camp with an umbrella in front of them, on which they attach a piece of paper with a description of their child's dating profile.
4) A spaghetti junction! We don't have those in Denmark, so that's exciting!
5) At Tesco, they had the frozen meats sitting out in the open ready for you to grab. I actually witnessed a woman who skipped using the tongs and instead used her fingers to inspect a piece of protein before putting it back in the freezer again. I was all Guys! This is the kind of behavior that will get us all SARS!!! But everybody was like yeah, but that's just how we do things around here.
6) This jacket. I want a similar jacket except I want mine to read architecture. Or maybe dinner.

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