Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meanwhile, in Lamu

If you're guessing I'm in Lamu, off the coast of Kenya, then you've guessed it right. Johan and I being big city travelers, this is the first time we've ever gone off on a beach vacation together and so far, the whole package has far exceeded all our hopes and wildest dreams. This tropical paradise has it all: Sandy beaches, friendly locals and delicious food (along with a wee threat of malaria and Somali pirates, for extra excitement). Pure heaven.

I have yet to go surfing and climb up a tree to pick my own coconut, but that's solely because we're staying in a hotel where we're being waited on hand and foot (they even do the surfing for you, so you can relax in a hammock all the while). Peponi Hotel, it's called, and I can't recommend it enough. They were even so kind to upgrade us to a huge suite with an equally huge terrace overlooking the ocean (that has never happened to me before!). Also, they strew colorful flowers everywhere, even on your toilet paper, which is a custom I'm considering bringing back home.


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Ja, ikk'! Tror lige det er noget for dig og Lasse :O)