Monday, August 19, 2013

I had to share

This is Hazel, sleeping next to a tortoise, which arrived one morning in Johan's garden where it suddenly lost its wanderlust and decided to just hang. According to Johan, the two of them have been sharing lettuce leaves and a water bowl.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

About A Dog

It's no secret that I've been doing some pretty massive lobbying around this house, trying to convince Johan that we should absolutely get ourselves a dog. He's always been a bit yeahmehwhatevsmaybe, so when I found out that all it actually took to convince him was a big backyard and a neighborly Rhodesian Ridgeback, I cursed myself for not having him posted in Africa sooner.

Anyway, here she is. Hazel. A big, beautiful dog if ever there was one, and my partner in crime during the three weeks that I spent in Kenya. Several times a day she'd come by and paw at the door if not open it herself, and then after a bit of playing with a worn-out sock and a mutilated tennis ball, she'd lie down on the grass and wait to be fed with cheese flavored corn chips.

I'm telling you, both Johan and I grew so close with this dog that one night, when we went out for dinner at a fancy steak place in Nairobi, it felt like the most natural thing to gesture towards the half-eaten ribeye on my plate and ask: "Can we get this to go? It's for the dawg".

Friday, August 2, 2013


Johan is living in Nairobi at the moment, and this is his hood. Muthaiga, it's called and it's overwhelmingly fancy, filled with Beverly Hills size houses occupied by rich people, diplomats and government officials from all across the globe. (Obviously Johan isn't part of that crowd. He just stays here because he got to rent a studio-sized guesthouse in the area.)

You aren't really allowed to take pictures of the houses - they have machine gun equipped guards to make sure you don't - so I've kind of pointed my camera at other things, like palm trees against a clear blue sky and that fiery red soil you see pictures of in National Geographic.