Wednesday, October 30, 2013

it's the real thing

During the week, I spend most of the daytime alone. (OK fine, I spend all of my daytime alone). But come the weekend, my solitary confinement is finally over and Johan indulges me by driving me around town while I point excitedly at other humans: "Look! There are other people here too!" 

On the weekend, we also go grocery shopping, and on our way back from the mall, we usually pass by this beautiful spot on a street, which I have yet to learn the name of. My photo clearly doesn't capture it, but those three little shops are kind of perched at the top edge of a lush, green valley. And this weekend, we made a point of making a pit-stop to buy ourselves a Coca-Cola at Maggie's Kiosk and enjoy the view.

Seriously, look at that. There's something about the sight of that Coca-Cola red against the backdrop of green trees and blue sky hat just looks so beautiful. Expect to see more Coca-Cola photos on here, is all I'm saying. 

I like that the kiosks down here carry eggs and Coca-cola. And toast. Kind of like the primary colors of the modern cuisine. If you have those ingredients, you can cook anything.

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