Sunday, October 20, 2013

This weekend, we frolicked in the pool, 'built' a terrace and went hiking at Ngong Hills

As you can tell, this weekend wasn't half bad. We took a few trips to the nurseries to buy more plants, which we used to create a little cocoon-like terrace space outside our front door. We just inaugurated it with an afternoon gin and tonic, which felt very colonial, followed by a candle-lit taco night, which felt very romantic right until we got guacamole all over our faces.

Tacos, I feel, are not a very elegant meal.

And then there was beautiful Ngong Hills, where we went for a steep hike while overlooking The Great Rift Valley on one side, and Nairobi and its hinterlands on the other. It was one of those pinch-yourself-is-this-real experiences, not least because we were accompanied by a guard who brought his machine gun to ward off a curious combination of roaming buffaloes and prowlers.

Look at that dreamboat sipping G&T's in Africa. In a Packers sweatshirt, no less ;O)

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