Wednesday, November 13, 2013

LeRoy Grannis. The Grandfather of Surfphotography.

I get the feeling I'm far from the only one who's enjoying a fascination with all things west coast these days. The beach, the dessert, the cacti. That sun-hazed and worry-free aesthetic. The architecture and the swimming pools.

Apart from the fact that I guess it's very much in fashion, I attribute it partly to the fact that I'm currently living in an apartment reminiscent of an L.A. bungalow.  Or my idea of an L.A. bungalow, anyway. "Doesn't this just remind you of L.A.?" I regularly ask Johan while gesturing towards our surroundings. Which is a bit cocky, I guess, coming from someone who last visited L.A. 20 years ago.

Anyhow, for some reason or another I looked up surfphotography this morning, which in turn turned me on to LeRoy Grannis, the grandfather of surfphotography according to The New York Times. These photos, if I'm not mistaken, are all from the 1960's, most of them taken in Grannis' hometown of Hermosa Beach. And they just make me want to get a tan, go blond and drink coca-colas all day long while I lie on a towel on the beach and admire my own surfer abs.

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