Monday, December 2, 2013

Herbert Matter

So remember when I said something about wanting to learn about iconic graphic designers?

Yeah, I forgot about that too kinda, but seeing there's no reason to dwell on failures, let's just go ahead and proceed ;)

With Herbert Matter (1907-1984), to be exact. Wikipedia does a much better job at summing up what seems to have a been a very rich, colorful and happy life, so I'll restrain myself to noting that this Swiss-born gentleman has an impressive resumé, including a gig designing posters for The Swiss National Tourist Office, a more than a decade long position as design consultant with Knoll and a tenure at Yale for a little extra academic cred.

Moreover, he seems to have fearlessly dabbled in various art forms, high and low, right from magazine art direction and commercial logo design to architecture and film, which I just find really likeable.

Anyway, let's a have a look-see, shall we?

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