Tuesday, December 10, 2013

one hippopotamus, two

A couple of weeks back, when Johan and I visited Lake Naivasha, we decided that going on a water safari would be a sensible thing to do. However, because I got a really nasty bout of gastroentitis the minute we returned from that trip (which is really just a nicer-sounding word for long term diarrhea), I've kind of just been wanting to forget that our romantic weekend on the lake ever happened.

But hey, of course no stomach bug shall ever prevent me from leading an active and overly documented life on social media. So here we go: A handful of aquatic animals - albeit a little belated.

What's interesting about watching animals in the wild is how excited you get about a given specie at first glance, and also how surprisingly chill you get once you've seen that specie a couple of times. 

"Great. Another flock of flamingoes", you go to the bwana*. "Now, you got something that's a little more rare?"

*bwana is Swahili for safari leader. I just looked that up and thought it'd be nice to casually throw it into my sentence.

As a kid, Johan did a lot of sailing, and I'm always so impressed with how he always knows how to help the guy in charge of the boat. Say, if it gets stuck somewhere or if a sail needs to be set, then Johan is there in his boat shoes saying clever stuff like "starboard!"

Our bwana was kind of an ass-hole, sailing straight into a flock of flamingoes lazing right in the middle of the lake. However, it made for a spectacularly dramatic photo-op.

Hippopotamuses? Hippopotami? 
A read head in Africa. Very rare. Hehe.

Pelicans. I love their short legs. 

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