Sunday, January 26, 2014

Suddenly Summer

When we left Nairobi just before Christmas, I was quite impatient to leave the city and its rainy season behind and embrace the Scandinavian winter full on with all its holiday cozy. For someone used to Nordic seasonal changes, the latter part of November and most of December just felt like one protracted month of blergh that din't really point in any sensible-to-me meteorological direction.   

Anyway, being home was every bit as wonderful as expected, but now we're back again, enjoying what seems to be this city's high season. And so far, Kenyan summer has shown itself at its most spectacular. Here's what we've been up to lately:
We've been lounging by the pool, which feels pretty luxurious to us Scandinavians - albeit on some days it's so dirty you're likely to contract a UTI just from looking at it. The staff feels kind of whatever about cleaning it, but on the other hand,  it would feel so unpleasantly colonial to ask them to do it more often. So I guess that leaves it at dirty.

When city kids take on gardening on a whim, chances are they'll over-water their plants, because, well, watering stuff is kind of a novelty. So we bought more plants to replace the ones we drowned with care, and hopefully these will be more thirsty. (Which reminds me, in the unlikely event that you are in Nairobi too and wish to buy plants, then you should absolutely visit the nurseries on Riverside. Both water and shade come aplenty there, and as a result the plants are in a really nice condition. Also, we didn't feel that they two-timed us as much as in other places. Usually people are high-fiving each other behind our backs whenever we've bought some of their greens.)

This is one of our new favorite haunts. The Jaffery Sports Club it's called, and it's open to the public. Finding places to go outdoor exercising in Nairobi hasn't proven easy, so we almost jumped with joy when we came upon this. People of all ages, nationalities and religions come here, be it for jogging, casual strolls or hanging out on a bench. It makes for a delightfully peculiar yet peaceful scene, and also, 95 % of people there are in worse shape than me, which I really love :O)

I think we're officially the compound weirdos because we spend so much time outdoors on our little terrace space. (As I look at this photo now, I feel Johan's plate of sausages looks kind of silly, so please try to focus on the perky fruit salad instead.)

The pool at dusk. I never tire at looking at the pool, and thus spend a lot of time doing this.

Johan bought a mosquito net, and although I'm sure it's covered in nasty insecticides, its really been a game changer in terms of waking up rested. Chasing mosquitoes semi-naked at night is an everloving bitch. 

And finally: We've been taking neighborhood walks in the sweltering heat, which has been equal parts pleasant and close to unbearable.