Sunday, March 30, 2014

So, THIS happened!

Yes, at one point during the past two weeks my sister went and got hitched, and Johan and I flew home to Denmark to witness it all go down.

Thomas is the name of my new brother in law, whom I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time (!) the evening before their wedding, which, by the way, pretty much turned into one giant love fest of family, friends, boozy dancing and a real. live. horse. parade. (Who says dramatic punctuation is outworn? Who?)

They've known each other for ages - 7 years if I'm not mistaken - fell in love right after new years (or perhaps 7 years ago, who knows?) and decided to tie the knot ASAP!

I know, right? I think I let out a real proper Oprah-scream, when she called me on Skype and asked us to prepone (is that even a word?) our flight home to Copenhagen for their March 22 wedding.

Apart from two blurry iPhone photos - one of Johan dancing (pretty much like this) and one of my beautiful cousins, I was a little too love-drunk on everything to pull out my camera during the event. So instead I went and snatched this off my sister's Facebook-page, courtesy of the wedding photographer Louise.

Oh my gaawwwd, such a good night it was. Kind of want to put that party on repeat, if that's possible :)

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