Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Day We Went Hiking At the Gorge

So, Johan's mom came for a visit last week, which meant we did a lot of exciting non-everyday stuff, such as hiking through a dramatic gorge in a friendly place called Hell's Gate.

When we arrived, a guard from The Kenya Wildlife Services stepped up to our car and declared: "You have to bring a guard to assist mama". Which, truth be told, was a little offensive considering the fact that Johan's mom was sitting right there in the passenger seat.

Anyway, once we got hiking, it turned out he hadn't exactly exaggerated about the ordeal awaiting us. In fact, on several occasions both Johan and I found ourselves reaching out for our guard's hand and asking for help.

Johan's mom, on the other hand, was totally bad ass, jumping off cliffs and into water puddles like it was no big deal.

Johan pestered the guard with lots of dad-questions underway about sedimentary rocks and stuff like that, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, thinking how one day he will make our teenage kids feel very embarrassed. They'll be like: "Daaad, we don't care about minerals and bedrock. Can't we just go to McDonalds?"

See? Here he is with his little man purse and hands at his waist :O) Aweeee!

On our way, Johan's mom spotted this really beautiful cave painting of a penis.

You know you hit the jackpot, if you've got a MIL who can appreciate a nice rendition of a penis, is what I've always said :)

We had the best guide ever, a guy named George, whom I'd really like to use as a personal coach whenever anxiety hits me, because this dude was so chill his mere presence lowered my heart rate.

I mean, see that puddle in the picture below? That was a bottomless puddle for all I know, and somehow he just made us plank ourselves between the two boulders and waddle across it. La-di-da.
I have no story to go with this picture, but I love how I look like a tombyish dare-devil - a thought that somehow appeals to me greatly even though I know it couldn't be farther from my true persona.

Also, hiking is super fun! It's like, you're so preoccupied with putting your feet in the right places and not falling into a ditch and getting stuck under a boulder for 127 hours so you have to amputate your own arm with a plastic knife and write a book about it and have James Franco play you in a movie, that you completely forget about the fact that you're exercising.

And here we are at the end of our hike. It looks kind of anticlimactic or awkwardly silent, but in reality it was kind of nice to just sit there and enjoy a coke and ponder: "Should I also get a banana?".

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Johan said...

I trust you'll be proud to learn that today I dad-stamped 4 files for the archive feeling very much of age.