Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Two years ago, right about now

All the sakura photos that float around the interwebs these days are making me reminisce about our trip to Tokyo back in 2012, and if the travel-lords are listening, then let it be known that I'd very much like to go back.

Like so many people, I fell in love with the city within a nanosecond (who says nanosecond? Only annoying people, that's who;O), and as a person visiting it solely for recreational leisure, I couldn't find one, single fault with it.

As far as tourist traps go, I'm sure we visited plenty, but as Scandinavians, even the dingiest of places were such a novelty.

I remember once, as a kid, I was picnicking on our front lawn with two girlfriends when a japanese fella passed by and asked - or gestured, rather - if he could take a photo of us. We obliged and said cheese, but still I thought it was the oddest thing that this guy was out wandering the burbs and wasting film on such mundane things.

But of course, now I realize, that should I ever get the privilege of visiting Tokyo again, I'd happily take a train to the city's outskirts and look for picnicking, Japanese girls - in a totally, non-creepy way, of course.

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