Monday, May 19, 2014

I'll take all of that you got

All of a sudden I find myself in Copenhagen, which wasn't entirely planned for, but somehow life worked out that way. Just spent a tough weekend in Sweden, celebrating the much too short life of my sweet cousin, all of which was equal parts beautiful and so sad that every piece of me hurt. God I love my family. So much goodness there, which is why I can't grasp that we're suddenly one less.

And now I'm here. At home, adjusting, missing Johan, unpacking and adding little pieces of Kenya here and there while acknowledging that Nairobi kind of wound up feeling like home too.

Feeling homesick while you're at home is a tricky feeling. Remind me never to get a vacation home.
(I doubt I have afro-centric readers, but in case I do, then yes, you're right, this Binga basket isn't at all Kenyan but rather Zimbabwean.)

Anyway, to distract myself, I started cleaning and rearranging our furniture yesterday before eventually putting everything back in the same place as before...and deciding on rearranging art work instead. Time well spent, I tell ya.

Sooo, to distract myself some more, I went for a run in my sunny hood this morning, while listening to Seasons by Future Islands on repeat. And LET ME TELL YOU, if you haven't seen this band yet, I suggest you treat yo'self to 3:49 minutes of pure amazingness by watching the video below. "I'll take all of that you got", is what Letterman says at the end, and man, do I agree. That lead singer is so rad, I'm fan-crushing on the dude the way only a teenager can.
(Speaking of which, Johan's celebrity crushes are ScarJo and Mila Kunis. ScarJo, you guys. And Mila Kunis! So at least I get points for originality, amirite?).

In other news, I went straight to the grocery store after my run, where I really had to restrain myself from dancing like him in front of the cooler section while listening to the song for the 100th time. To illustrate, I give to thee the undercover cop dancing merengue in My Blue Heaven. Skip to 0:22 and enjoy!


Johan said...

Yep, don't forget loyalty is the hallmark of fan-crushes. Scar Jo 4evah!

[Kenya sucks without you!]

Sarah Carlson said...

Hvis du laver en T-shirt, hvor der står "Kenya sucks without you", så laver jeg en til dig, hvor der står "ScarJo 4evah". Deal? :)