Tuesday, May 6, 2014

no african masks here

As my sojourn (I have a way with annoying words, don't I?) in Kenya is coming to an end, it occurred to me that a house update is long overdue. As are a few before-and-after photos, because if you've got just a tiny bit of décorateur d'intérieur tucked away in your genome, my guess is that you too have a soft spot for hideous befores juxtaposed to somewhat prettier afters.

OK, so this was the living room before. I know, so gloomy right? Although, you've gotta give it up for that wooden rudder trying so hard to pull the room together.

"Ahoy", is all I wanna say, when I look at it. "Ahoy!"

But yo, interior junkies, feast your eyes on this! Nice, yes?

And this! With sunshine beaming through the windows and all :)

And a little sideways glance for ya:

And a close-up of the desk, where no one ever really sits:

Now lets have a look down this huge and awkward hallway - the way it looked before.
I'd say 30 % of our apartment space is constituted by hallway. That's a lot of hallway, folks.

And here is a delightful after:

With a little bit of details for your viewing pleasure:

Here's our dining nook, which isn't technically a nook, but you get the gist. You may or may not remember the medieval dining chairs that came with the apartment, but in either even we replaced those with directors' chairs, which we bought from a carpenter at the side of a road (literally). So far, they've only broken one time each, which we're very content with.

And here's the kitchen - the before. Kind of like a punch to your inner aesthete's gut.

And here's the after, which is not so much an after, really, but rather a photo of our kitchen from a different angle and using a different setting on my camera. Mmmaybe it's a tiny tad better because of that white table, but it's still a slap in the face. Not least because we've got mold issues in the cabinets beneath the sink. Gag me with a spoon.

So let's move on from that dark and dank corner and let me show you what the kitchen area looks like at night - because honestly, it looks so much better with nice and warm lighting and my man standing at the countertop chopping stuff.

So that's that I guess. Nice and homely, yes? :)

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