Saturday, May 24, 2014


Before going home to Copenhagen, Johan and I took a trip to Cape Town, which is just one of the most amazingly beautiful places I've ever visited. Such friendly people, affordable and out of this world delicious food and wine, neighborhood upon neighborhood with both charm and looks, and, to boot, nature at its most sublime.

(I really should add dreadful history and inhumane poverty to the list as well, but I figure that's not exactly what most people look for when they settle upon a vacation spot).

Anyways, some photos for your viewing pleasurrrrrre :)
Oh, Johan, such a handsome guy he is, and he even makes an effort to color-coordinate his outfit with nature :)  
Sunset in Sea Point. We went for a jog here, which, in my opinion, is just really one of the best ways to feel like a local for a little while. Jogging in a foreign city, I mean.
Wine tasting at The Table in Stellenbosch. We found the place on Miss Moss' guide to Cape Town, which was just THE BEST guide ever. We pretty much lived by it.
Sunday lunch at the The Table. We had a wine tasting, 3-course lunch (including that delicious carrot Tarte Tatin, which you can see in the background) and a bottle of rosé for a total of $50 I think (!). Actually, this place was so cute I have to write a proper post about it, so stay tuned for more :)

Beaches that went on forever and me looking kind of elegant...or perhaps I'm holding back a fart. Who knows?

Kids playing on the beach - wow, right? (I suspect Johan has takes this photo, so I should give him cred for that.)
Everywhere you look, there's a beautiful mountain serving as a picturesque backdrop.

And hiking. We went hiking. At least right until I got vertigo and nearly started crying. But that's a nice, humiliating story for another day.

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