Thursday, June 19, 2014

from a piece of blue

I've never even been to Big Sur, nor have I read Jack Kerouac's novel, nor have I watched the film adaptation of said book, in the light of which it seems downright bizarre to spend an afternoon making a paper collage that says Big Sur under a big blue wave.

Except, of course, it's such a delicious combination of words, I love how it feels when I say it my head and although I have to admit I have never explicitly articulated the fantasy of going there, I guess it is one of those places that capture my (cinematically indoctrinated) imagination.( Like Baja, maybe, which makes me wonder, did they talk a lot about Big Sur on Beverly Hills, 90210?)

Truth be told, I've also been thinking of Hokusai's waves (right now, I imagine Hokusai is all, "damn girl, why you dragging me into this?!" - except in 19th century Japanese, of course), which I finally got around to process into something.

By the way, I cut this from a piece of glossy, blue paper, and except for the G and two blue space gaps between the letters S U and R, it's all in one piece.

Insert applause.

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