Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kenya Backlog

My return home to Copenhagen caught even me by surprise, and somehow I'm stuck with the feeling that I didn't get to say my goodbyes. That I have unfinished business or something, or that I left a part of my home behind, which I guess really isn't as crazy as it sounds when you take into account that the apartment is still there with all our stuff in it, including my favorite piece of decor of all: Johan.

Blogging has always seemed to help me in this respect. By helping me process experiences and archive them both mentally and digitally. So, in an attempt to wrap my head around all things Kenya, here's a recap of a weekend-safari I went on with Johan and my BFF Maj, who came for a visit during my last week in Nairobi.

We stayed at the Sweetwaters Tented Camp in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy some 3 hours' drive from Nairobi. It sits right at the foothills of Mount Kenya, which looked every bit as surreal and breathtaking as it does in the photo of above. 

This was my safari team! Maj rode shot gun next to Johan, which was a wise decision, because she turned out to have an acute eye for wild life, spotting elephants way before anyone else.
Also, hanging out with Maj, you wind up doing a lot of things you sense you're really not supposed to do. Like urinating in a national park, say. 
The sanctuary is home to the big five, of which we got to see three - elephants, buffaloes and rhinos, whereas the lions and leopards behaved like the self-willed felines they are and stayed manifestly out of sight. But hey, who needs lions when you can sit and watch a big, beautiful elephant walk blissfully along the horizon - amirite? 

Same goes for this family of three white rhinos basking in the sun. I'd take a baby rhino over a lion any day :)

Here's Maj in an ad for her smart phone: "My life powered by Samsung Galaxy".  (Please note the elephant in the background, btw). 

Tough mudders!

A silver backed jackal. I think....Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :)
3 adorable black rhino tushes. These gals are so big and massive it's quite humbling to be in their presence.

Here's Johan trying off his white-man-in-Africa-looking-into-the-distance pose. He looks deep, but really he's passing gas. (Now that's all you see, right?! Johan farting, I mean?)

Baboons are like the d-list celebrities of wildlife, and it's all because they're kind of small, come in large groups and find themselves unthreatened by extinction. Look at them. You can almost sense how they're all: "Screw them tourists and their big 5-frenzy. Let's just sit here with our iPads and turn our backs at every 4-wheel drive we see."

Here's my safari team with a bucket of ice for drinks and a plate of cookies because they were free. I also love this photo because I can tell Johan is trying really hard no to crack up! (More on that below...)

At night, so many animals came up to sip water from a watering hole right by the hotel. So there we were, sitting on the porch outside our tent as they all paraded by - elephants and their elephant babies, zebras and impalas. The wild hogs arrived too, took a sip and went "yo, can we get a little alcohol in this?" :)

Our tent! We pushed our beds together to form a double king sized bed so we could all watch a movie on my computer before falling asleep.

Morning coffee with an exotic bird. "Would you like toast", we asked. And then it lifted its wings into the air like a priest and said "Oh my god, toast is my favorite thing of all!"

And speaking of Johan suppressing laughter, here he is, at it again, in all likelihood because of something she said. 
"See, made him laugh"
"See, laughing hard"

The end :)

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