Monday, August 4, 2014

Kenya Backlog - round two :)

An adapted version of Café Habana's famous corn on the cob - chargrilled, with a spread of cream cheese, salt, chili and a drizzle of lime (or lemon, in a pinch). Ideally one would add cojita cheese, but I've found that a sprinkle of parmesan works just as well :) 

Bougainvilleas in bloom. I think I may have taken a million photos of bougainvilleas, because every time you see one, you feel you've stepped into a technicolor movie.

Johan at Ngong hills, overlooking Nairobi.
An apartment building we used to pass on our evening walk.

Sunbathing wild hogs at the Giraffe Center. Would love to keep one as a pet, if that's at all possible ;)
Johan and Maj at The Trout Tree. Awful food but they deserve 6 stars for ambiance.

A photo that's been sitting on my computer forever, waiting for the right blog theme that never really arrived ;)
The view of Ngong hills from Karen Blixen's house.

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