Sunday, August 31, 2014

Whoopsie daisy (Ups-a-daisy? Oops, I did it again?)

I realized I haven't blogged for almost one full month, so no wonder the comments section has just been going CRAZY!

(Not really, but I take it as a compliment if you actually scrolled down to check :)

I've got no life-altering stories up my sleeve, so I thought I'd do a little round up of some of the trivial things I've been up to lately. So yes, here we go:

1) I got photo-bombed by a pig?!
Does this look like a pig's hoof to you as well? Kind of a like a pig that goes "Yo, peace" and fails to spread its toes?

2a) I have experimented and failed with natural dies  
When I took this photo, I had a real nice DIY-post figured all out about how to use red cabbage and baking soda to create a really beautiful, dirty-looking blue. That plan didn't pan out.
2b) I have experimented and failed with the die-equivalent "of the everything bagel" 
My red cabbage die turned into a pale and sickly mint, and so I combined all the stuff I had around the house that you can use as natural dies and threw it into the sink. We're talking coffee grinds, turmeric, red cabbage, THE WORKS! Turns out that turmeric kind of trumps all other dies, which means my white-turned-mint cotton blanket is now a bright yellow, which I think is my least favorite color of all the colors in the universe. 
3) I took this photo a blueberry muffin, which I kind of like. 
4) And this photo of my desert rose against a painting I made, with a friendly nod to my current crush Helen Frankenthaler.  
5) I've been feeling really thrilled with this view! And getting to live in this place! And getting to enjoy that masterful design of the lounge chair on the right, which me dad has given me custody of, because he didn't have room for it as his new place. 
Honestly, sometimes it's absurd how excited I get about home. I LOVE home! Always have. 

6) I fixed up the bathroom and painted the walls a dramatic petroleum blue!
This really was a lot of work, because A) The walls were covered in fiberglass cloth and so I had to spackle and sand them down before even getting around to painting. B) That wooden counter was covered in thick, white paint, which I sanded down by hand. By hand, you guys. 
I set up my own company! Baby Cheeses, it's called, which is fun, because it sounds like Baby Jesus!  

It sounds like a bigger deal than it is, because essentially I just needed a tax registration number in order to freelance, and when I applied for one online it said: "Enter the name of your company" and I was like fuck it, MY company is going to have the grandest name of all! I toyed with the idea of naming it something really loathsome like "Brand Corp", because that would be kind of ironic and millennial of me. But I went with Baby Cheeses instead, which is still ironic and millennial, but more friendly, because miniature sized cheeses and/or infants that set out to absolve your sins is just great, I think. Anyway, so far, Baby Cheeses is a one-woman copywriting agency, and in an ideal world, I would provide you with a proper company e-mail for you to get in touch at, but since I don't have one, drop me a note at sarahcarlsonontheroof @ - because yes, I'm open for business! And yes, I'm taking applications! 


PROVINS said...

Tillykke med firmaet!! -- Er copywriting sådan noget reklame skriveri halløj??
Og så må du sige til hvis du skal ha hjælp til dit indfarvnings projekt - Jeg er jo trods alt tekstil designer ;)

Sarah Carlson said...

Tak! Og ja, reklame-skriveri-halløj er lige akkurat det, jeg laver :)

Mht. indfarvning, så tror jeg lærdommen (endnu en gang) er, at der er nogle folk (som dig f.eks.), der har har øvet, læst og lært sig til en kompetence. Og at det i forlængelse af samme måske er lidt optimistisk bare at gå ud og købe en rødkål på en søndag, lyn-google instrukser og så forvente et fantastisk resultat.

Så ja, næste gang jeg impulsivt kaster mig over indfarvning, så håber jeg, at jeg lige får øje på det knaldgule sengetæppe og husker at spørge dig om hjælp :)