Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Spice Island. Day 4 and 5.

By our 4th day in Zanzibar, we moved into a 4th hotel. We totally would have stayed in the one we were in, but seeing they were fully booked, we used it as a good excuse to upgrade once more and find ourselves a place with a pool (the latter prompted a by a nasty jellyfish sting, from a Portugese man o' war, to be specific, which, although quite stunning, is a real bitch that leaves these whiplash marks across your bod - or in my case, thighs. And you know what? One week later, those whiplash marks are like, growing? Or expanding or whatever? Apparently, they can do that for weeks after!)

Sorry went off a tangent there. Anyway, so off we went to our new hotel, where we got our own pretty, little cabin:

And a nice deck for lounging:
And a pretty fantastic beach:

PLUS they had complimentary sun hats, which made Johan really happy. Look at that guy - he really does make one fine-looking tourist:
He also jumps when you tell him to:
We set out for this place - The Rock, it's called. It looks kind of dingy from the outside, but inside awaits a surprisingly fine-looking restaurant, which is sadly also THE WORST TOURIST TRAP I have ever come across. Their starters were $17! And the staff super rude! So all in all I would absolutely encourage you to invest your tourist-$$$ at a more deserving place.
Angry and disillusioned, we walked back to our hotel...

...and cooled off in the pool. (Figuratively speaking, because the water was really hot).
And while there, Johan pulled his most interesting face yet:

And that was pretty much the last photo-worthy highlight from our trip to Zanzibar :)

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Johan said...

Av, bare fordi nogen måske er blevet ramt af en Select i krydderen mens de plaskede fredeligt omrkring